Medicaid billing software for schools

School Health and Related Services (SHARS) software for schools

Medicaid billing for schools and school districts

We provide software for the school districts and 3rd party consulting companies who are tired of filling Medicaid paper forms and reports by hand. Our software is a medical billing and reports manager that allows you to fill in and submit your paper reports over the internet. Unlike other competitor systems our system allows you to build your custom medical billing forms.

Medicaid in education

Schools are able to provide Medicaid services to students with special needs by participating in different state-funded programs (also known as programs for students with disabilities). However in order to be reimbursed by the government these schools need to maintain extensive documentation that is audited periodically by the government.

In most cases schools use schools use services of 3rd party companies that track the activity of the medical staff, record this activity and then maintain this documentation. Later this documentation is used by the schools in order to obtain reimbursement from the government.

The old-fashioned manual tracking of Medicaid activities

The old-fashioned solution for this activity tracking in schools is to force doctors and nurses to fill in paper documents on a daily basis listing all the tasks that they have performed. Then an employee of the 3rd party consulting company has to visit each school and collect these reports. Alternatively these reports can be sent via paper mail or emailed as Excel files.

The diagram below shows the old-fashioned manual approach to such activity tracking. As you can see on the diagram healthcare professionals use paper forms to record their daily activities and these paper forms are collected by the Medicaid consulting company either by visiting each school in the district or by requesting these reports to be sent by email. The whole procedure is slow, requires lots of manual work and is rather insecure.

How our software helps schools and 3rd party Medicaid consulting companies

Our software allows schools and Medicaid consulting companies to automate the tracking of daily Medicaid activities. The diagram shows how the Medicaid activity tracking is done using our software system. In this case all Medicaid activity reports are entered on a computer and then submitted to the server using a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox). Each report is submitted instantly over an industry-grade secure SSL connection. In order to comply with law requirements the system allows users to print a paper copy of each submitted Medicaid record.

Comparison of manual vs. automated tracking of Medicaid activities

  Manual activity tracking Automated activity tracking
Speed of report delivery It takes hours or days until an employee of the Medicaid consulting company picks up the reports or until the report arrives by mail. Reports are delivered immediately after they are submitted by the healthcare personnel.
Security Each healthcare professional has his own password and all website access is protected by industry-grade SSL certificates. There are no effective safeguards to protect the paper documents. Any 3rd party that has access to the school facility can see the Medicaid report data.
Ease of use for the Medicaid consulting company The Medicaid activity company receives all reports immediately after they are submitted by the healthcare personnel. The number of minutes that each healthcare professional has worked for on each day are calculated automatically. An employee of the Medicaid consulting company must visit each school often and collect the written reports. Afterwards he or she must calculate manually the number of minutes that each doctor or nurse has worked on each day.
Ease of use for healthcare professionals Healthcare professionals can fill in report forms quickly since many report fields are filled in automatically (e.g. student names, SSN, etc.). All of the student data fields have to be entered each time by the healthcare professional.
Changes to already submitted activity reports A report that has not been finalized yet can be changed by the healthcare provider only. An already finalized report can only be changed by the third-party consulting company. It all cases finding and changing the paper records requires manual work. A submitted Medicaid report that has not been finalized at the end of the month yet, can be modified by the healthcare professional who submitted it, by the administrator of the corresponding district or by the consulting company. A report for a previous month that has been finalized (locked) can only be edited by the corresponding district administrator or by the consulting company.
Changes to Medicaid form fields Changing an field in an existing Medicaid form requires the consulting company to design a new form and then to contact each healthcare professional and to give him the newly designed Medicaid form. In most cases this change is not propagated back to already submitted reports since changing them would imply too much manual work. The whole process of contacting existing healthcare providers usually takes days or even weeks. Adding, removing or modifying a field within a custom form can be done by the consulting company or by the corresponding district administrator. The change is done from the custom form designer page and takes a couple of minutes. The change can be done to a new copy of an existing form in which case it does not affect already submitted reports. Or it can be applied to an existing form directly in which case the change will affect all previously submitted reports that use this form.

Live demo of the Medicaid activity tracking system

If you are interested in a live demo of the AssistMedic Medicaid software, please send us a request through the Contacts and enquiries page.